October 2022



We have received a large number of questions and concerns about two main issues regarding transportation and traffic issues at AFES. 

  1. The lack of a crosswalk and crossing guard at our school entrance (Blazing Trail Drive & Humie Olive Road) 
  2. Lack of timely access to AFES during High School dismissal from around 1:45-2:30 each day

Town of Apex has been conducting a traffic study of the area since the school was constructed and has just finished gathering all of the necessary data. 


Humie Olive Road is a state-maintained road and any recommendations from Apex staff will require NCDOT (North Carolina Department of Transportation) review and approval.  Town of Apex says that they are contacting NCDOT this week and expect to be ready to share information in the next couple of weeks. 


It is unlikely that NCDOT will approve of a crosswalk at the intersection if it is not part of a full traffic signal. 


IF a traffic signal is approved we have been told that it would allow for a change in the traffic pattern to alleviate the lack of access to the school during high school dismissal (1:45-2:30). In the meantime, all emergency services are aware of this issue and have alternate routes into the school should it be necessary. 


We have been told that the earliest we can expect a light there, if all is approved, might be Fall of 2024. Once the town shares information, we will gather more details and update you all here.





Bus wait times and cancellations have also been the subject of questions and concerns. Because we simply do not have enough bus drivers, each bus is running multiple middle school routes before returning to campus to pick up for the elementary routes, leading to the daily delay


from time of dismissal. Multiple absences of bus drivers during the day have also been leading to the cancellations of elementary bus routes in the afternoon.  


If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about becoming a bus driver please visit and share this link for more information:





Wake PTA Council is hosting a virtual transportation forum on Wednesday, October 12 from 7-8:30pm if you are interested in learning more about the challenges facing the district and helping to create a plan to address these issues. Register here:





  It has been shared with us that our school is in critical need of substitute teachers. Among other disruptions caused by lack of subs, grade-level assistants are being pulled away from their important jobs to step in as substitutes. If you are interested please visit the link below to sign up. A teaching degree is not required. You can complete your training online and there is a lot of flexibility, you can even choose to only sub for our school or for only certain classes if you prefer!





 The Wake County PTA Advocacy Committee has recorded forums with each of the Wake County School Board candidates to share their views on issues that affect our schools. Take a look if you would like more information before the election!

Please reach out to the advocacy committee with any additional questions or concerns about these or other issues. We are here to help!


Jennifer Nusbaum - Advocacy Chair: